The Common Stone Qi Gong

Spiritual development through Qi Gong

        Cultivation of Life force Energy through Qi Gong

Tom offers the opportunity to practice Qi Gong this ancient form of moving and still meditation, the root of all Chinese medicine and the Martial Arts.

The Focus of Qi Gong is to open the body through techniques of deep internal meditation, movement and alignment of the body structure.

Through these techniques one can become aware of the Physical & Emotional blockages which hinder our Spiritual development.

In these full day or five day workshops you will be taught simple Qi Gong forms, breathing, meditational focus & stillness.

Slowly your body will respond and open gently so that you will gain a better understanding of how the five elements

(Metal,Water,Wood, Fire & Earth)

the 6 Directions ( East, South,West ,North, Heaven and Earth)

& Eight forces (basic energy forces of nature) can be harmonised in your daily life.

The practice will incorporate the Six Healing Sounds and Inner smile, structure & alignment work through Iron Shirt and Xing Shen Zhuan,

Tan Tien awareness using Zhang Zhun as well an introduction to the cultivation of sexual energy for health & vitality.

Who benefits from this practice ?

Everyone, but especially people who are stressed, tired and ill

What can I expect from doing the classes ?

A greater level of awareness, calmness better health & vitality

Beginners are welcome – The class is continuous and the techniques and meditations are repeated regularly through out the Year with seasonal adjustments and will allow new students to drop in on a ad-hoc basis and more advanced to deepen their practice.


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